Bedford Av.


She’s drunk and seeks some privacy

To draw in blood

Her consolation


The feathers on her hair is falling

Disgraceful figure, oh her reflection

Waddling over her yellow feet

They are swelling

But The ground seems clean

To her sights that sees the darks skies white

The empty full

The mind as doomed


Her figure is strangely unequal

Two months ahead

An unborn child

Growing while drowning

In her being

The drums hit once

She’s on the ground

A second time

She’s laughing hard

A sparkle of a great idea

The demon sent

To make her sin

In her state though

It’s probable

The sin is forgettable

She enters doors


The tool

The weapon

& her crime

A dime

Is given back to her

From unknown hands

Hard to reach

The needle tickles then breaks in

It's her body

It's her flesh

The clinger in her

Set to death

Her statement's screaming down the streets

On Bedford avenue we’d seen

A thong

A needle

And a dime


Resonance of a familiar voice

So low, it seems to disappear

Emotionless, I stand alone

Facing my reflection


A vision of a lip, an organ

An elegant & refined gesture

That sits at ease and contemplates

A rising passion in my eyes

Romance, I thought at first glance

But obsolete, as it may be

Emotions shattered once before

Have locked a heart in logic


He speaks words that flow in wit

The sky is falling, I hear it strike

Clouding the spell and draw the end

Of something that never started


He flaws around me viciously

A virus breading me patiently

As I shall forever bare


The lost whispers of his silent voice


O mediocre destiny. O fascists. O blasphemy. O vanity. O lassitude.

I Praise the domestic beast in my company, in other terms my better half, for he foresees my impatience and have become diplomatic. The sirens sings in my direction, I'm not ready to surrender. The time has come, to pay my dues, to serve or to face nothingness. A simple choice I thought before.. seconds are passing in slow-mo; Why this courage holding me back? One step away from the sharpest stab, and guaranteed to take me back: To the source where purity resides.  Beneath a hundred miles of water, as well as far across the skies, millions of spiritual particles, where nothing dies and nothing grows. It stays intact then it dissolves, to reappear in other forms. My hands are chained. I sing a song. The sky is blue. It's all what is. It has made me face an unknown light. The heat of it was ecstatic and so I chose to stay. 


Is it

The stubbornness in my being

The steady horns

The fireceful temper

Is it 

My lonely self


Infinite possibilities

Is it

The endlress dreams

I create

For him to get lost in

Is it 

A kiss

A shadow

A moment in our eyes

Is it 


Or is it timed

Are you taking him away

Or is he here to stay

Or is he here

To stay

Shelter ​

Havent you heard thy rhythm in the winds of spring? I heard them flakes crunching into frosted sands, like salt and pepper and a hint of gold melting onto my sight and turn into dusk.

Now i see .. your hand dirtied and wrinkled / it was hanging from a whipping-tree. 

A strand of sun reached down your alley as you woke up looking frightened.

I hold your palm tight and whispered the wind's echo, you fell into my arm  then ran. As i watched you disappear, I heard you yell, calling me to follow you.

We crossed a bridge I recognized: our winter shelter. Tho lights were few, i recall the smell of the dry, cold sheets but your skin closer was like a soothing shell over me .. shivering, like a lost fetus.

Drunk'n by the taste of the spring-valley, I then invade you with a thousand kisses of sunshine.